Editor's Note
This deity's name has been changed to respect Product Identity.

*The original Domains were: Chaos, Strength, Vengeance, War.
Because Pathfinder does not have a Vengeance domain,
we changed it to Destruction.

"Goddess of Wrath and Frenzy"

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Domains*: Chaos, Destruction, Strength, War

Symbol: Crossed Sword and Hammer

Garb: Furs, skins and pelts over battle armor

Favored Weapons: Greatsword, warhammer

Form of Worship and Holidays: Great feasts and blood sacrifice before battles. After battle, the treasures, arms and armor of defeated foes are offered to her. Those that she doesn't keep belong to the victors. Her priests specialize in wild cursing and imaginative insults.

Typical Worshipers: Barbarians, raiders, reavers and plunderers.

Lyssa is the embodiment of barbarian wrath and frenzy. She appears as a mighty barbarian female dressed in the pelt of the Great Bear, whom she can summon by tossing the pelt to the ground and calling its name. She carries a greatsword in one hand and warhammer in the other and revels in war and the slaughter of her foes. Her battles against giants are legendary, as is her hatred for undead, arcanists, lawyers, guardsmen, and other authority figures.

Unlike other gods, she aids only those who take his name in vain. Thus it is not uncommon to hear berserkers cursing her for her indifference as readily as they curse their foes. She only grants the raising of one of her followers from the dead if that follower immediately seeks blood vengeance against their killers. She grants no healing spells higher than 4th level.