Editor's Note
This deity's name has been changed to respect Product Identity.

"Goddess of the Steadfast Guard"

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Domains: Law, Protection, War, Healing

Symbol: A gray shield emblazoned with a stylized black fortress tower

Garb: A gray tabard with a black tower sigil

Favored Weapons: Spear

Form of Worship and Holidays: Prayers are often said to Justitia at the start of sieges or by guardsmen prior to reporting for duty.

Typical Worshipers: Barristers, judges, guards, professional soldiers, military officers and nobles.

Justitia is the embodiment of martial perfection, law, the strength of the state, and the punishment of the guilty. A grim and resolute deity, she is always shown bearing a spear made of lightning, and a polished mithral shield. She often appears to followers on the field of battle, especially to those engaged in or defending against sieges.