"Goddess of Evil Magic"

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Domains: Evil, Knowledge, Law, Magic

Symbol: A half silver disk representing the setting full moon

Garb: Fashionable togas of the most expensive cut and material, generally in black.

Favored Weapons: None

Form of Worship and Holidays: Priests and Wizards who venerate Hecate do so beneath the full moon with sacrifices of blood and magical items as the moon sets.

Typical Worshipers: Wizards, Women, Assassins, Lawful evil hags, witches, and crones.

Hecate is the goddess of evil magic. She appears as a beautiful woman flanked by numerous hell hounds, her favored creature. The setting moon is her symbol. She requires sacrifices on the full moon.

Her priests are normally accompanied by hell hounds sent by their goddess to guard her temples. Clerics of Hecate have a special rapport with the beasts, allowing a chance to control them as they would undead. Hecate is a jealous goddess, capricious and quick to anger.

Hecate resides in a floating castle in the Nine Hells.