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Frog God Games - Gods

Gods of Rappan Athuk

The gods of Rappan Athuk from Frog God Games. Rappan Athuk, the legendary mega-dungeon by Frog God Games and Necromancer Games.

Some names and minor text changes have been made in order to respect Product Identity.

Deity AL Worshipers Domains Symbol Favored Weapon
Arete LG Humans and paladins Law, Good, Protection, War Blood-red upraised sword on a white background Longsword or bastard sword
Austri LG Dwarves Earth, Good, Strength, Creation Hammer and anvil Warhammer
Bargrieke CE Orcs, half-orcs, some goblins Death, Destruction, War, Evil Rotting severed head Greataxe
Freya NG Human females Animal, Good, Healing, War Falcon Longsword, longbow
Hecate LE Wizards, Women, Assassins, Lawful evil hags, witches, and crones. Law, Evil, Magic, Knowledge A half silver disk representing the setting full moon -
Hel NE Diseased and disease-causing creatures, evil humanoids, evil druids, women, bards. Air, Animal, Death, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water A face, black on one side and white on the other Poisoned dagger or sword
Helreginn LG Humans, Guardians, Paladins, though not currently worshiped. Good, Healing, Law, Protection Kite shield of purest white Shields of all types for shield bash
Ilúvatiar CG High and wood elves, warriors, wizards and rangers of the elven race. Plant, Animal, Magic, War A bow and sword hanging from the eternal oak Longbow, longsword
Justitia LN Barristers, judges, guards, professional soldiers, military officers and nobles. Law, Protection, War, Healing A gray shield emblazoned with a stylized black fortress tower Spear
King Gobb NE Goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears Evil, Magic, Trickery, Earth A crooked-hafted war pick Pick
Lyssa CN Barbarians, raiders, reavers and plunderers. War, Chaos, Strength, Vengeance Crossed Sword and Hammer Greatsword, warhammer
Mitra LG Paladins, fighters, monks, farmers Good, Healing, Law, Protection, War Scales bearing twin flames Longsword
Njord LN Farmers and halflings, some druids revering his natural cycle aspect. Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water Raining cloud partially obscuring a radiant sun Sickle
Orcus CE Monsters, undead and evil humanoids Chaos, Evil, Death, Destruction Wand of Orcus Ornamental heavy mace (spiked or skull-tipped)
Ra NG Humans Air, Good, Sun, War Sun staff (staff with a bronze sphere containing an ankh) Sun staff, short sword
Set LE Evil power-seeking humanoids, evil monks, assassins Law, Evil, Knowledge, Death Black Ankh of Set Quarterstaff, spear, poisoned weapons
Thyr LG Humans, Royalty Good, Healing, Law, Knowledge, Protection Silver cross on a white field Light or Heavy Mace
The Black One LE Assassins, religious scholars Death, Destruction, Law, Knowledge A blood-covered woman with four arms wearing a necklace of skulls Longsword
Tsathogga CE Aberrations, tsathar, sentient frogs, evil water monsters Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Water Likeness of the Frog God, carved in soapstone Any that slash, cut, and are wickedly curved, as well as, ropes or nets