Island Domain

Most of those with access to the Island Domain are concerned with maintaining the balance between their land and the ocean surrounding it. As a giver of both life and death, the water is to be cherished and feared. When water can't be controlled, it can be traversed. The clerics also work with the island itself, manipulating the sand and soil to ideally foster their communities.

Stepping Stones (Su)

You can conjure a number of flat, floating stones that follow you through the air. You can summon one initially, plus an extra one every four cleric levels, up to a maximum of six at level twenty. The stones last for a period of one minute per cleric level, and they can be directed to stay still, anywhere between ground (or water) level to 3 ft. in the air. The stones will otherwise act as the floating disk spell.

Watery Path (Su)

Starting at 8th level, you may walk on water or other liquids as with the water walk spell for a period of 1 round for every two cleric levels. These rounds need not be continuous.