Mabon (Plant)

Associated Domain: Plant

Replacement Power: The following granted power replaces the bramble armor power of the Plant domain.

Bounty of Nature (Su): Once per day at 6th level, you can bless a meal of fruits, grains, or vegetables so that, when consumed prior to resting, it increases the amount of natural healing from which a creature benefits after an eight-hour rest. This blessing can affect a number of creatures equal to half your cleric level plus your Wisdom modifier. Each affected creature regains 2 hp per Hit Die and one additional point of ability damage to a single ability score of its choice after resting. At 12th level, each affected creature regains 3 hp per Hit Die and one additional point of ability damage to every ability score that has been damaged after resting.

Replacement Domain Spells: 2nd—campfire wall, 5th—rest eternal, 6th—liveoak, 9th—greater siege of trees.

A cleric of the autumn equinox gives thanks to his gods for a good harvest and uses his powers to bring rest and asylum to the weary. In return for their devotion to the spirits that make the grains grow tall and the vines and orchards swell with fruit, they may call armies of plant servants to their side to defend their companions and charges.