Dream Domain

Deity: deities of dreams and related portfolios.

Granted Powers: Your dreams provide you with visions of future events, giving you and your companions an advantage in avoiding danger and allowing you to communicate with others.

Dodging Danger (Su): Your sense of future events allows you and your companions to dodge attacks, spells and breath weapons. Twice per day you or a companion you designate gains a +5 bonus to AC or to Reflex saves for 1 round. The bonus can be applied to two different individuals once or to one individual twice.

Dream State (Su): Beginning at 8th level you may enter a dream state once per night. In this dream state you can visit the dreams of any other creature on the same plane of existence with the same chances of success as if you had cast the spell scrying. If you are successful, you can communicate with the person whose dreams you are visiting.

Domain Spells: 1st—obscuring mist, 2nd—pleasant dreams, 3rd—premonition, 4th—sending, 5th—commune, 6th—wind walk, 7th—ethereal jaunt, 8th—dreamwalker, 9th—astral projection.