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Devilbane Priest

Crusade-minded clerics train intensively to learn proper battlefield tactics to take advantage of the weaknesses of demons.

A devilbane priest has the following class features.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

The cleric is proficient with all simple weapons, light armor, medium armor, heavy armor, shields (except tower shields), and the favored weapon of his deity.

Diminished Spellcasting

The cleric chooses only one domain from his deity’s list of domains rather than the normal two domains. In all other respects, this works like and replaces the standard cleric domain ability.

Demonic Knowledge (Ex)

At 1st level, when making Knowledge (planes) checks regarding demons, demonic cults, and their magic, the cleric gains a bonus on the check equal to half his class level (minimum +1) and can make these Knowledge skill checks untrained.

Teamwork Feat

At 4th level and 8th level, the cleric gains a bonus feat.

This must be a teamwork feat, Alignment Channel, Greater Spell Penetration, Leadership, or Spell Penetration. The cleric must meet the prerequisites of the selected bonus feat.