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Wuuntzu (Cleric Archetype)

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The grasslands' humanoid inhabitants differ from their urban counterparts. Whereas most people savor the comforts of a permanent home and aspire to amass vast tracts of property, these concepts are thoroughly alien to the plains' wandering residents. For the many inhabitants that lead a nomadic lifestyle, the bonds of kinship represent the only constant in an ever-changing world. Immediate and extended family members live together as part of a larger community. Though continual migration is a way of life, people still seek to add a greater sense of stability to a turbulent existence. In many cases, the tie that binds them together is their faith, and belief is typically synonymous with one person — the wuuntzu.

The word loosely means “to walk from birth to death,” and the wuuntzu accompanies most residents every step of the way. Outsiders call him the village cleric, but lifelong residents know the village is more than a place.

It is a common experience and a shared journey rather than a collection of buildings and parcels of pasture. The wuuntzu encourages the hopes and dreams of his brethren, and he does everything in his power to see them to fruition and to protect his kin from harm.

Pillar of the Community

A wuuntzu must choose the Community domain. He does not gain a second domain. If the cleric worships a deity, that deity must be one that grants the Community domain. A wuuntzu must channel positive energy.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

Wuuntzus are not proficient with medium armor.

In Touch with the Community

The wuuntzu gains Knowledge (local) rather than Knowledge (arcana) as a class skill.

Reassuring Touch (Sp)

The wuuntzu's calming touch granted power also removes the exhausted, panicked and nauseated conditions, as well as healing nonlethal damage. The wuuntzu must spend two daily uses of this granted power to use this ability.

Keeper of Fields and Flocks (Sp)

The wuuntzu may prepare and cast any spell that appears on the Animal domain and Plant domain spell list, provided that he can cast spells of that level. He does not gain the granted powers of either domain, and he cannot use these spells in place of his normal domain spells. He can still prepare and cast these spells even if they are not on the cleric spell list. He can prepare and cast any combination of spells from the Animal and Plant domain spell list as long as the total number of spells at each level does not exceed the number of bonus spells he receives due to a high Wisdom. If he does not receive any bonus spells at that level due to a high Wisdom, he cannot prepare and cast a spell from the Animal or Plant domain at that level.