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Polyglot (Cleric Archetype)

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The winds of fortune can change in the blink of eye on the rugged grasslands, and the polyglot is prepared for any contingency. At one moment, a plains traveler may need aid from a wind god, and a few seconds later, he may require the assistance of a thunder god. Whereas typical clerics venerate one deity or, in an extreme case, a closely knit group of deities, the polyglot pays homage to multiple gods often belonging to a variety of different pantheons. Skeptics dismiss the polyglot as a fickle sycophant that feigns devotion to the gods for his own betterment.

Polyglots do not vigorously dispute this notion, but their relationship with divinity is more complicated than mere necessity. Polyglots believe that many forces, divine and natural, shape the world around them. In their minds, the concept of a monogamous relationship with just one of these powers seems to be a waste of resources. They see no harm in offering some devotion to each of these omniscient entities, regardless of how little influence they actually have on their lives. Polyglots consider their point of view to be a form of celestial insurance, because they believe that in a pinch it is better to have hundreds of acquaintances than one close friend.

Priest of Many Gods

The polyglot worships numerous deities, which grants him access to many different domains. Before preparing his spells for the upcoming day, the polyglot must pray to a deity of his choice, though his alignment must still be within one step of the alignment of his chosen deity. He must have some knowledge of this particular deity in order to serve it. When in doubt, the GM may require the polyglot to succeed on a Knowledge (religion) check in order to select that particular deity. The polyglot may then select one domain from among those belonging to his chosen deity with the exception that he may not choose an alignment domain (Chaos, Evil, Good or Law) that does not match his alignment. He receives that domain's granted powers and domain spells on that particular day, though he cannot select the same deity or domain more than once per week. He does not gain a second domain.

Worshipper of Many Deities

The polyglot is considered to be a worshiper of any deity that he selected as his patron any time within the last week. This may allow him to bypass a glyph of warding attuned to the worshipers of a particular deity or benefit from an effect that aids or harms the worshipers of a specific deity.