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Filth-Priest of Tsathogga

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The Filth-Priests of Tsathogga has dedicated their life from their first moments in the slime infused muck to serving the Demon Frog God. They tend the secret breeding grounds of the various killer frogs species the tsathar set upon humankind and also work to raise the army that will someday rise up to destroy the world. The Filth-Priests are a highly zealous group, and will kill and devour clerics of other faiths, especially those of the goodly races.


Filth-Priests of Tsathogga must choose the Destruction and Water domains, exemplifying the stagnant sludge the Demon Frog lives in.

Bonus Feat (Ex)

At 1st level the Filth-Priest gains Channel Smite as a bonus feat.

The Frog God's Proxy (Su)

At 3rd level Filth-Priests add a +4 bonus to Handle Animal checks made when dealing with frogs, toads, and any frog-like animal. The Filth-Priest further gains a +2 bonus to Diplomacy when dealing with frog-like outsiders (hydrodaemons, greruor demons, hezrous demons, etc.)

Touch of Filth (Su)

Starting at 9th level, once per day per cleric level, the Filth-Priest may make a melee touch attack to deal 1d4 points of Charisma damage to a target (Fortitude save for half damage). If the target is reduced to 0 Charisma or less, they die, dissolving into a pile of retch and filth. The save DC is Wisdom-based.

Summon Greruor Demon (Sp)

Starting at 11th level, once per day the Filth-Priest of Tsathogga may attempt to summon 1 greruor demon with a 60% chance of success. The demon is under no compulsion to obey the summoner, but is not immediately hostile. This ability is the equivalent of a 6th-level spell.