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Disciple of Orcus

The Disciples of Orcus have dedicated their lives from their first pious moments to serving the Demon Lord of the Undead. They instruct the secret cabals in the teachings of Orcus and also work to raise the undead army that will someday rise up to destroy the world.

Disciple of Orcus is an archetype of the cleric class.

Death Domain

The disciple of Orcus must choose the Death domain (or the undead subdomain.) They gain no second domain or domain powers.

In all other respects, this works like and replaces the standard cleric's domain ability.

Variant Channeler

When the Disciple of Orcus channels energy it is modified by the undeath variant.

See in Darkness (Ex)

The holiest of rites to Orcus are performed in total darkness.

At 1st level the Disciple of Orcus gains darkvision 60 ft. The range increases to 90 ft. at 6th level.

At 8th level the Disciple of Orcus can also see in magical darkness. If the Disciple of Orcus already possesses darkvision its range increases by +30 ft. at 1st and 6th levels.

Bonus Feat (Ex)

At 1st level the Disciple of Orcus gains Command Undead as a bonus feat.

Undead Lord's Proxy (Su)

Undead recognize the Disciple of Orcus as a conduit to the Demon Lord.

At 3rd level Disciples add +2 to the DC to resist channeled energy when used to command undead.

Touch of Darkness (Su)

At 9th level, once per day per level, the Disciple may make a melee touch attack to deal 1d4+1 points of Strength damage to a target (Fortitude save for half damage). If the target is reduced to 0 Strength or less, they die, and rise as a shadow under the control of the Disciple one round later. The Disciple may have one controlled shadow per two Disciple levels. This is equivalent to a 5th level spell. The save DC is Wisdom-based.

Undead Creation Mastery (Su)

At 11th level when the Disciple of Orcus creates undead (either through the spell or other means) they gain a +4 bonus to their caster level when determining what type of undead they can create. Undead the Disciple of Orcus creates are immediately under their control as per control undead.