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Soulsong of the Occult Muse (Sing)

Friend and foe alike are lulled into a stupor by this melody.

PrerequisitesPerform (sing) 11 ranks, soulsinging class feature.

Cost: Feat or 4th-level bard spell known.

Effect: This otherworldly melody causes shivers to wreck those who hear its siren, splitting their temples open with the wrecking pain of a thousand departed spirits. When you sing this dirge, all creatures within close range of you that fail their Will save become dazed for 1 round. Similar to a bardic performance, this masterpiece can be maintained as a full-round action, causing all creatures that remain in the area to make an additional Will save or become dazed again. A creature must be able to both see and hear this bardic masterpiece but the effect is not language-dependent, instead focusing on vocal acoustics.

Use: 4 bardic performance rounds + 1 per round maintained.

Action: 1 round.