Rather than conjure a mysterious being from worlds beyond, a progenitor builds and supports a mechanical eidolon called a servitor. As he grows more powerful, he can animate objects as an act of will and graft mechanical evolutions onto his own body.

Class Skills: The progenitor gains Disable Device as a class skill but does not gain Handle Animal.

Servitor (Su)

At 1st level, a progenitor designs and builds a magically animated servitor. This ability functions like the summoner's eidolon ability, except the servitor has the construct type. Servitors have an Intelligence score of 1 and a Charisma score of 10.

Being constructs, they have no Constitution score, but gain hit points based on size. The servitor responds to its master's telepathic commands without fail, but has little ability to think on its own. The servitor is always active and does not need to be summoned. It loses no hit points due to distance from its progenitor, but beyond 10,000 feet from its progenitor it becomes disabled. Spells, feats, and abilities designed to affect an eidolon have their normal effect on the servitor, except for effects that don't affect the construct type. This ability modifies the eidolon ability and replaces life link.

Animus (Su)

A progenitor can animate nonliving matter and control the animated subject, up to a total number of times per day equal to progenitor's class level. He can animate any unattended object within 100 feet. The progenitor can animate multiple items by spending additional uses of this ability per round equal to the number of objects he wishes to make active. He may animate objects even while his servitor is active and within 10,000 feet.

Animated objects have a number of additional construction points equal to ½ the progenitor's level, and these must be appropriate to the object animated by the progenitor. At 4th level, and every third level thereafter, the progenitor may animate an object one size category larger (Small at 4th, Medium at 7th, and so on).

This ability replaces the use of the summon monster spell-like ability.

Imbue Spells (Su)

Beginning at 6th level, a progenitor may store spells in his servitor for the construct to cast. He may store a maximum of 1 spell level per 2 class levels into his servitor. After this, the servitor may use those spells as if cast by itself, using the progenitor's caster level. If so imbued, the servitor may cast spells that normally target the caster's eidolon on itself. At 8th level, the servitor gains spell resistance equal to 11 + the progenitor's class level against spells and spell-like abilities except for spells cast by the progenitor or imbued within the servitor itself.

This ability replaces maker's call and transposition.

Hardness (Ex)

Beginning at 14th level, the progenitor's servitor gains hardness equal to 1 plus ½ the progenitor's level, regardless of the material the object is crafted from. This replaces life bond.

Exostructure (Su)

At 20th level, the progenitor can summon a mechanical exoskeleton similar in appearance and function to his servitor. Summoning the exoskeleton is a full-round action and requires the servitor to be within 30 feet. Thereafter, the progenitor and his servitor move normally and independently of one another. The exoskeleton lasts a total of one minute per progenitor level per day.

This duration does not need to be consecutive, but must be used in 1-minute increments. This ability otherwise functions just like the twin eidolon ability of the summoner class.

Optional Animate Objects

If your GM allows use of the alternate animate objects spells by Rogue Genius Games (here), the progenitor receives a modified version of this ability. He gains animate objects I as a spell-like ability at 1st level. The spell-like ability changes to animate objects II at 3rd level, and it increases from there (animate objects III at 5th level, and so on). He can use this ability once per day at 1st level, and one additional time per day for every fourth level thereafter.

This archetype also gains the animate objects spells in addition to his spell list. The progenitor adds lesser animate objects and animate objects I to his spell list at 1st level. Each alternate animate objects spell is added to the list in order from there (animate objects II as a 2nd-level spell, and so on).