For a few summoners an eidolon represents a chaotic rebellion in an orderly mind. When extreme compartmentalization meets innate magical talent a dissociatist may be the result.


A dissociatist must be lawful in order to qualify for and maintain this archetype.

Id Eidolon (Su)

A dissociatist’s eidolon doesn’t necessarily share an alignment with the summoner, nor is it an outsider. Instead it is always chaotic neutral-aligned and must be negotiated with in situations that don’t threaten the dissociatist’s life. When the dissociatist is threatened or endangered however, his eidolon will do everything in its power to protect the dissociatist since it is acutely aware its entire existence is completely tied to it’s master’s fate. Otherwise, the GM should control the eidolon as an NPC. The dissociatist may attempt Diplomacy checks as he would when interacting with other NPCs normally. The eidolon’s starting attitude is always considered unfriendly.

The dissociatist’s eidolon is restricted in the following ways:

  • The only base forms allowed are bipedal, aquatic, or shadow.
  • It must be the same size as the dissociatist.

The eidolon always appears as a double of the dissociatist except when using natural attacks with which it may make transformations as a free action (growing claws etc.) The eidolon has the same weapon proficiencies as the dissociatist it is linked to, plus one additional weapon of the player’s choice.

In addition to this the eidolon possesses the rage class feature as though it were a barbarian of equal level to the class levels in dissociatist.The eidolon cannot be dismissed and if killed becomes a voice in his master’s head until it is healed. It remains until dropped into negative hit points past its Con score though reducing it below 0 hit points does knock it unconscious. While the dissociatist sleeps, his eidolon gains fast healing equal to the dissociatist’s class level. It summons itself again just as or before the dissociatist awakens.

If the summoner fails a Will saving throw vs. a spell or effect, roll percent dice (d%):

  • 01-50 It affects the dissociatist.
  • 51-75 It affects the eidolon.
  • 76-100 It affects both the dissociatist and the eidolon.

The eidolon uses it’s or its master’s Will save when it makes Will saving throws vs. spells, whichever is greater.

The eidolon also gains rage as a barbarian of equal level to the dissociatist. It may gain a rage power instead of a feat or for 3 evolution points.

This ability replaces eidolon.

Judgements (Su)

The dissociatist gains judgment, second judgment, and third judgment as an inquisitor of the same level.

This ability replaces shield ally, greater shield ally, and transposition.

Summon Monster (Sp)

Unlike a normal summoner the dissociatist may only use summon monster a number of times per day equal to 1 plus their summoner level, and he is free to do so when his eidolon is present. However the summoned creatures do not gain the fiendish or celestial templates.