Violence is a tool employed by those without the proper means to resolve differences in a more civilized manner. All life is sacred and the diplomatique derives personal strength from that revelation. He can be seen on bloody fields trying to avert further tragedy with calm words and healing hands, divine power staying most who would raise weapon or spell against him.

The diplomatique is an archetype of the oracle class.

Code of Conduct

Alignment A diplomatique must be of good alignment.

A diplomatique may not make an attack or cast a spell which results in reducing a living creature's hp or affecting them with a harmful condition (subject to GM discretion). Doing so, even accidentally, results in a loss of all supernatural (Su) class features until the diplomatique adequately atones for the misdeed. The GM should determine the most appropriate manner of atonement.

Furthermore the diplomatique may only select the Life mystery.


A diplomatique may only use simple bludgeoning weapons and may only deal non-lethal damage to living creatures. Doing otherwise violates their code of conduct. The diplomatique gains no additional armor proficiencies.

The Diplomatique does gain Bludgoner as a bonus feat at first level.

This replaces normal proficiencies.

Pacification (Su)

Starting at 1st level a diplomatique is permanently under the effects of sanctuary (as the spell). The DC of Will saves to attack a diplomatique is 10 + ½ diplomatique level (minimum 1) + Cha modifier.

At 5th level the diplomatique may use suggestion (as the spell) upon a target creature within 30 ft. and within line of sight. The suggestion may not include any actions which require or result in attack actions, or that the target cause injury to another creature.

At 10th level the diplomatique cannot be included in harmful area of effect spells without a Will save.

At 15th level the diplomatique may include one adjacent willing ally in his sanctuary effect.

This ability replaces oracle curse.

Lay on Hands (Su)

At 3rd level a diplomatique gains lay on hands as a paladin. This ability functions as the paladin ability except that the diplomatique's effective paladin level is equal to his diplomatique level –1.

This ability replaces the revelation gained at 3rd level.