Nine-Tailed Mystic

Nine-tailed mystics are kitsune with such volatile magical powers that they grow additional tails in order to contain it.

The nine-tailed mystic is an archetype of the oracle and sorcerer classes. Only kitsune characters may select this archetype.

Nine-Tailed Spells

A nine-tailed mystic grows additional tails as his powers blossom, allowing him to unlock his inherent powers at the cost of spell lore. Each time the nine-tailed mystic would earn a bonus spell from her bloodline or mystery, she gains Magical Tail as a bonus feat instead.  After she has selected Magical Tail eight times, she instead chooses one of her Magical Tail spell-like abilities and increases the number of times per day that she can cast it by one. She cannot select a spell-like ability more than once in this way. For an oracle, this ability replaces the oracle’s mystery spells. For a sorcerer, this ability replaces the sorcerer’s bloodline spells.

For an oracle, this ability replaces the oracle's mystery spells.

For a sorcerer, this ability replaces the sorcerer's bloodline spells.