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Ultimate Eldritch Athame (Su)

Prerequisite: Magus 15, eldritch athame arcana

Benefit: As a free action, the magus can cause his weapon to manifest new powers as she literally sculpts its magical form with her arcana. Once per round as a free action, the magus can alter the weapon’s magical properties. She can choose to spend its total enhancement bonus on weapon traits and powers, or she can devote them to an enhancement bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls (+5 maximum as normal). For example, an magus’s weapon is a +5 weapon and has been given the frost (+1), keen (+1), and speed (+3) special abilities. The eldritch blade could alter the +5 bonus spent on abilities to gain a different set of powers, such as dancing (+4) and flaming (+1). This change is permanent until the magus changes them yet again.