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Song of Death’s Herald (Su)

Prerequisite: Elf, half elf

Benefit: The grim, terrible song of death’s herald foretells the doom of the magus’s foe. The magus can spend 1 point from her arcane pool as a swift action to select a single opponent within her line of sight that can hear his words for 1 round per magus class level. The target need not understand the bladesong’s language. The intent and meaning behind the song transcends such barriers. Creatures with an Intelligence of 4 or less are immune to this ability. The target of this ability must make a Will save (DC 10 + half her magus class level + her Intelligence modifier). On a failed save, the magus’s weapon forms a deadly link to the target. The magus sings of each of his attacks against the target before he completes it, but she exactly predicts the result of each stroke. Her target takes a –2 morale penalty to Armor Class on all attacks by the magus. In addition, the magus increases her critical threat range by one (do this before doubling the range due to the keen quality and other effects) against her target, and she deals an additional 1d6 points of sonic damage against the foe.