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Energy Web (Su)

Prerequisite: Magus 15

Benefit: The magus can spend 1 point from her arcane pool as a swift action to create a tangible web of searing energy that wraps and tangles around her weapon. When she attacks, this web clings to her opponent and continues to damage the foe for a number of rounds equal to half her magus class level. She creates a web of pure energy that can burn, shock, or freeze an opponent. This energy is of a type chosen at the time she selects this major arcana and once chosen it cannot be changed (acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic). If she makes a successful melee attack before this ability’s duration ends, she transfers the web of energy to her opponent. He takes 1d6 points of energy damage per two magus class levels she possesses in each round, at the start of her turn, until this ability’s duration ends. She also gains this extra damage on the attack that transfers the web to the target. Her opponent may make a Reflex save (DC 10 + half her magus class level + her Intelligence modifier) to avoid the web; If he succeeds, the magus deals the extra energy damage with her attack but he avoids becoming trapped in the web and does not take any further damage from it. A creature caught in an energy web can escape by taking a move action and making a successful Escape Artist check against a Difficulty Class equal to the Reflex save DC needed to avoid it.