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Black Blade Riposte (Su)

Prerequisite: Magus 9, black blade class ability

Benefit: Her black blade slashes out of its own accord, striking opponents who menace her even while she cannot defend herself. If she provokes an attack of opportunity for any reason and she or her black blade have at least 1 point in her arcane pool while she has her black blade in hand, anyone who attacks her immediately provokes an attack of opportunity in turn. Resolve her attack after her opponent resolves his own attack of opportunity. Her black blade strikes with her full base attack bonus. It receives any enhancement bonuses it normally provides her, but it does not gain any other bonuses to its attack or damage, such as from her Strength score, spells, or feats. The black blade uses one of her attacks of opportunity for the round as normal.


Can I use Craft Magic Arms and Armor to increase my blade's enhancement bonus?

No, nor can you use that feat to add other properties (such as flaming) to the black blade. You can use your arcane pool to temporarily add abilities to your black blade.