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Animate Weapon (Su)

Benefit: The magus can expend 1 point from her arcane pool as a swift action to imbue a single weapon she touches with the ability to fight on its own for a number of rounds equal to her magus class level. The weapon deals its standard damage, including any bonuses and abilities it gains from magical enchantments. It strikes with a base attack bonus equal to her magus class level + her Intelligence modifier. If the base attack bonus is high, enough it can gain multiple attacks. The weapon never gains a flanking bonus, nor does it provide one for another attacker, and her feats do not aid its attacks. It acts on her initiative count. The weapon can influence at a speed of 30 feet with perfect maneuverability (using her class level + her intelligence modifier for any influence skill checks). It must remain within 100 feet of her. She can direct it to attack a foe as a free action when she first uses this ability to animate the weapon, but on subsequent rounds, she must use a move action to set it against a new foe. If its current foe is defeated, the weapon automatically moves to attack the closest enemy. The weapon never willingly attempts to move farther than 100 feet from the magus. The weapon’s Armor Class, hit points, and hardness are as normal for its size. It does not gain attacks of opportunity, nor does it provoke them, unless an opponent tries to grapple it. In that case, it gains an attack of opportunity against any would-be grapplers. The weapon can only make one attack of opportunity each round. The weapons CMB and CMD are equal to its base attack bonus and size modified only by her Intelligence Modifier. It gains no Strength/Dexterity bonus or penalty.

The magus can attempt to animate an attended weapon as a swift action she need only make a successful disarm combat maneuver to affect the weapon, resolve the disarm attempt as normal.