Tovenaar are mystic warriors who can combine magic and combat, but without depending on spells. Instead tovenaar gain a broad range of mystic powers they can use to empower themselves, hinder their foes, augment their allies, and divine the future.


The tovenaar gains two inquisitions (inquisitor domains with no spells) at 1st level. (A tovenaar can instead take the granted powers from two cleric or druid domains, but this is often a sub-par choice as the tovenaar does not gain the domain spells, and is not a spellcaster). The tovenaar uses his magus level as his inquisitor level. The tovenaar gains an additional inquisition at 2nd, 4th, 7th, 11th, and 19th level. Tovenaar never gain any spellcasting ability, and cannot select any magus arcana related to spellcasting.

This ability replaces spellcasting, cantrips, spellstrike, spell recall, knowledge pool, improved spell recall, and greater spell access.

Mystic Combat (Ex)

This functions as spell combat, but allows the tovenaar to take a full-round action to make all his weapon attacks and use one spell-like or supernatural ability gained from an inquisition. As with spell combat, all the tovenaar’s attacks suffer a -2 penalty.

This ability replaces spell combat.

Improved Mystic Combat (Ex)

At 8th level when the tovenaar uses his mystic combat ability, his attack rolls suffer only a -1 penalty.

This ability replaces improved spell combat.

Greater Mystic Combat (Ex)

At 14th level when the tovenaar uses his mystic combat ability, his attack rolls do not suffer a penalty.

This ability replaces greater spell combat.

True Tovenaar

At 20th level the tovenaar is a master of mystic combat, able to use his inquisition powers as easily as weapon attacks. When the toveenaar takes a full-attack action, he may choose to make one attack at his highest attack bonus and use three spell-like or supernatural abilities from inquisitions, or make two attacks at his highest two attack bonuses and use two spell-like or supernatural abilities gained from inquisitions.

This ability replaces true magus.

Notes: A tovenaar also has access to this magus arcana: mystic power.