The magavan is a court magus, trained to operate within a high noble court (often as agent or advisor to an important lord). As a result he focuses more on social magic and divination spells than a typical magus.

Bard Spells

The magavan uses the bardic spell list, rather than the magus spell list.

Lorestrike (Su)

Whenever the magavan scores a critical hit against a target, or a target fails a saving throw against a spell the magavan casts, the magavan gains information about the target. Each time this occurs the magavan may choose to gain the same information he would from examining the target for 3 rounds with detect chaos, detect evil, detect good, detect law, or detect magic as the magavan prefers. If the magavan’s lorestrike ability activates 4 or more times on the same target in a 24 hour period, the 4th and subsequent rounds may instead grant the magavan information as if he had learned the target’s surface thoughts with the detect thoughts spell. A successful Will save (DC 10 +1/2 magavan’s level + magavan’s Intelligence modifier) by the target prevents the magavan from gaining surface thoughts for one round.

This ability replaces spellstrike.