A cabalist is a magus who gains his arcane powers as a result of inherent power, similar to a sorcerer, rather than through careful study.


The cabalist does not gain cantrips and spells per day as a typical magus does. Instead, the cabalist gains cantrips, spells known, and spells per day as a bard of the same level (though still using the magus class spell list). If a cabalist selects the harmonic blending, jinx blending, or spell blending magus arcanas, he gains the selected spells as bonus spells known.

Bloodline Power

At 7th level, a cabalist gains access to the bloodline arcana and bloodline powers from one sorcerous bloodline, using his magus level as his sorcerer level. The cabalist does not gain access to the bloodline’s class skills or bonus spells. The cabalist does add the bloodline’s bonus feats to the list of feats he may take as magus bonus feats.

This ability replaces the knowledge pool ability.

Bloodline Spells

At 19th level, the cabalist gains access to the 1st-6th level bonus spells from the bloodline he selected for the bloodline power ability.

This ability replaces the greater spell access ability.