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Magic Warrior (Magus Archetype)

Magic warriors master magical might and serve as champions of culture and learning.

Class Skills: A magic warrior adds Knowledge (history and nature) to her list of class skills, instead of Knowledge (dungeoneering and planes).

This ability alters the magus’s class skills.

Nameless Mask (Ex)

A magic warrior gains strength in hiding her identity behind an animalistic mask, but also suffers drawbacks from doing so. While wearing her mask, a magic warrior gains a +2 bonus on saving throws against divinations in the scrying subschool. However, NPCs who are unfamiliar with or have a poor opinion of the magic warrior tradition have a starting attitude of unfriendly toward the magic warrior while she wears her mask. If using the influence system, it takes one additional success to increase her influence level over such an NPC.

The magic warrior cannot reveal her name or remove her mask in front of anyone she has never met before or in front of anyone she does not trust. If she violates this taboo, she must discard her mask and create or obtain a new mask and wear it before she can gain any benefits that result from wearing her mask.

Magic Warrior’s Aspect (Su)

At 3rd level, a magic warrior can gain an aspect of an animal’s might. The animal must suit the magic warrior’s mask (and the animal changes if the magic warrior must create or obtain a new mask). As a standard action, the magic warrior gains one ability possessed by that animal from the list of abilities given in beast shape I (this ability does not allow her to change her size). The ability lasts for 1 minute per magus level.

This ability replaces the magus arcana gained at 3rd level.

Nameless Anonymity (Su)

At 8th level, a magic warrior’s nameless masked identity protects her from divinations.

Once per day, as long as she is in her masked identity, she can cast nondetection using her magus level as her caster level.

This ability replaces improved spell combat.

Improved Spell Combat (Ex)

At 14th level, a magic warrior gains improved spell combat.

This ability replaces greater spell combat.

Ancient Spell Access (Su)

At 19th level, a magic warrior learns ancient secrets to using natural magic. She learns seven spells from the druid’s spell list and places them in her spellbook as magus spells of her druid level. She gains one of each of the following druid spells not on the magus spell list: 0-level, 1st-level, 2nd-level, 3rd-level, 4th-level, 5th-level, and 6th-level. She can ignore the divine focus component of these spells.

This ability replaces greater spell access.

Magus Arcana: The following magus arcana complement the magic warrior archetype: accurate strike, arcane accuracy, arcane cloak, arcane edge, bane blade, devoted blade, empowered magic, maximized magic, quickened magic, silent magic, spell blending, still magic.