Pursuivant (Inquisitor Archetype)

As undaunted by enemies as they are unfazed by the scope of their task, pursuivants seek to root out all titan worship in the realm.

Their keen eye for deception and combat tactics, both specifically aimed at countering the effectiveness of spellcasters, make them the bane of titan cults everywhere.

Unshakable Resolve (Ex)

At 1st level, the pursuivant adds half his class level (minimum 1) on all saving throws against mind-affecting spells and spell-like abilities.

This ability replaces stern gaze.

Detect Titanspawn (Sp)

At 2nd level, the pursuivant gains the ability to sense individuals tainted by the influence of the titans. This ability functions like detect evil, except that it detects only creatures with the titanspawn subtype (see Appendix) or those who receive their spellcasting abilities from titanic sources, such as druids, some bloodragers, oracles, sorcerers, and so on.

This ability replaces detect alignment.

Spellbane (Ex)

At 3rd level, the pursuivant receives Improved Counterspell as a bonus feat.

At 6th level, he receives Disruptive as a bonus feat.

At 9th level, he may cast dispel magic as a standard action once per day. At 12th level and every three levels thereafter, he may use this ability one additional time per day.

At 15th level, he may cast greater dispel magic as a standard action once per judgment.

This ability replaces solo tactics and all teamwork feats.