Judicator (Inquisitor Archetype)

Acting as the lawgivers and arbiters, the Order of High Judicators and their agents, the judicators, can also be found beyond its borders, scouring the land for those who would seek to avoid the consequences of their crimes. While their verdicts may be fatal, these stern and humorless inquisitors are known for their lengthy deliberations and even-handed judgments.


Alignment: Any lawful alignment.

Truth Inquisition

The judicator must choose the Truth inquisition in place of a domain.

Blind Justice (Su)

At 1st level, the judicator gains a +2 sacred bonus on all saving throws versus mind-affecting effects. This power replaces monster lore.

Death’s Confession (Sp)

At 1st level, the judicator may end his judgment as an immediate action upon killing any sapient humanoid or monstrous humanoid enemy. When doing so, he may use speak with dead, as the spell, on the creature he just killed.

This ability modifies judgment.

Delay Judgment (Ex)

At 2nd level, whenever he acts last during any combat round, the judicator adds his Wisdom modifier as a dodge bonus to his Armor Class until the start of his next turn. Once per round, he may gain a morale bonus equal to his Wisdom modifier on one attack roll he makes against any enemy that attacked him during that same round.

This ability replaces cunning initiative.