Order of Truth

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Truth is the most sacred of all ideals. The order of truth cavalier safeguards the truth in all its forms, punishing liars, cheaters, and traitors, and never lying or bending the truth himself.

The order of truth cavalier is steadfast and just. He does not bend to lies nor trickery. His devotion to truth is more unshakable than many clergymen's devotion to their gods. His presence fills good men with awe and inspiration, and it brings fear to charlatans.

Edicts: The cavalier is not allowed to deliberately speak any lies, including bluffing, stating half-truths with the intent to deceive, exaggerating, telling white lies, and so on. This applies to all forms of communication. If presented with circumstances where telling the truth would bring harm to another, the cavalier remains silent.

Challenge: Whenever an order of truth cavalier issues a challenge, he gains a +1 bonus on Will saves against all spells and abilities of the target of his challenge. This bonus increases by +1 for every 4 levels the cavalier possesses.

Skills: An order of truth cavalier does not gain Bluff as a class skill; in fact, attempting to use the Bluff skill is considered a violation of his edicts. He gains a bonus on Sense Motive checks equal to his cavalier level, and can make Sense Motive checks untrained

Order Abilities: A cavalier belonging to the order of truth gains the following abilities as he increases in level

Honorable Combat

At 2nd level, the cavalier swears not to use trickery and deception in combat. He cannot feint or use the dirty trick maneuver in combat. He also gains no bonus to attack rolls from flanking (although he can grant a flanking bonus to his allies), and he cannot strike a flat-footed or helpless creature. His mount must also abide by these restrictions. In exchange, he and his mount gain the effects of the Uncanny Dodge ability as well as a +1 bonus to Will saves for every 4 levels of cavalier he possesses as long as he abides by the above restrictions; if he breaks these restrictions, he loses Uncanny Dodge and his Will save bonus for 24 hours.

Inspirational Presence

At 8th level, the cavalier grants his Will save bonus from honorable combat to all allies within 10 feet as long as he abides by his combat restrictions.

Discern Lies

At 15th level, the cavalier can use an extraordinary ability otherwise identical to the discern lies spell at will. The saving throw against this ability is equal to 10 + the cavalier's level + the cavalier's Charisma modifier.