Order of the Road

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Cavaliers of the order of the road are a good-natured lot, exploring the land in search of travel and adventure for their own sakes and usually helping fellow travelers along the way. They do not relish combat and are mostly defensive fighters.

Edicts: The cavalier must take pains not to sleep in the same place for too long at a time. He must freely give aid to fellow wanderers, whether asked for or not, and must travel the land for the purpose of exploration and excitement.

Challenge: Whenever an order of the road cavalier issues a challenge, he gains a +1 dodge bonus to his AC against the target of his challenge as long as the cavalier moves at least 5 feet on his turn. This bonus increases by +1 for every four levels the cavalier possesses.

Skills: An order of the road cavalier adds Knowledge (Geography) and Survival to his list of class skills. An order of the road cavalier may use Knowledge (Geography) untrained; if he has ranks in the skill, he gains a bonus on it equal to his cavalier level.

Order Abilities: A cavalier belonging to the order of the road gains the following abilities as he increases in level.

Guarded Stance

At 2nd level, while wearing light or no armor and not carrying a medium or heavy load, the cavalier only takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls for fighting defensively.

Off the Main Road

At 8th level, the cavalier and his mount both gain the druid abilities Woodland Stride and Trackless Step.

Encouraging Words

At 15th level, once per day, the cavalier can take a standard action and speak words of encouragement to his fellow travelers. This functions as a blessing of fervor spell with a caster level equal to the cavalier's level, and may affect up to one ally per level within 30 feet of the cavalier.