Pactsworn Knight

A time-honored tradition held by a myriad of binder communities, pactsworn knights tap occult power to vanquish their foes. Although their personal causes are varied, all pactsworn knights seek to uphold the tenets of their order while battling the nightmarish horrors of the occult.

Bind Spirit

A pactsworn knight can seal pacts with spirits. The pactsworn knight's binder level equals the character's cavalier level, and an the character binds spirits as an occultist of that same level.

This ability replaces challenge.

Occult Challenge (Ex)

A pactsworn knight can channel the power of spirits through their hatred for their favored enemies. While bound to a spirit, the pactsworn knight applies the challenge benefits of the pactsworn knight's cavalier order against the favored enemies of all currently bound spirits. Any conditions listed by those benefits must also be met.

Supernatural Combat

At 4th level, the pactsworn knight gains a binder secret. The pactsworn knight must meet the binder secret's prerequisites, as an occultist of the cavalier's level. The pactsworn knight receives a second binder secret at 10th level and a third at 16th level.

Pactsworn Challenge (Su)

At 7th level,a pactsworn knight can issue a special challenge once per day as a swift action. Treat a challenged opponent as though it were a favored enemy of all spirits that the pactsworn knight is bound to. The challenge lasts until the opponent is dead or the pactsworn knight rests. This ability can be used twice per day at 10th level, plus one additional time each day every 3 levels thereafter.

Enemy Slaying (Su)

At 12th level, the pactsworn knight receives Furious Strike as a bonus feat, ignoring the feat's prerequisites. This feat expends a pactsworn knight's major granted ability for 2 rounds instead of the usual 5 rounds and does not expend a major granted ability if the attack's target is also the target of the pactsworn knight's pactsworn challenge.

This ability replaces demanding challenge.