Order of the Scar

Cavaliers who join the order of the Scar are those who have been touched by the occult, usually in a gruesome or permanently scarring way. These individuals seek to abolish pact magic and attempt to put it back in its proper place, eight feet beneath the ground.

Edicts: The cavalier must swear to the utter annihilation of pact magic. From the greatest of occult monstrosities to a suckling babe born into a tradition of heresy, the order of the Scar decrees that none deserve mercy. An order of the Scar cavalier must promote the destruction of pact magic, root out and destroy the corruptive art wherever it emerges, and lend aid to anyone else who would see pact magic vanish into the annals of time.

Challenge: Whenever an order of the Scar cavalier issues a challenge, add a +1 bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls so long as the target is bound to a spirit or is benefiting from occult powers (such as a spell with the occult descriptor). This bonus increases by +1 every four levels that the cavalier possesses.

Class Skills: An order of the Scar cavalier adds Knowledge (arcana) (Int) and Knowledge (planes) (Int) to the cavalier's list of class skills. The cavalier can make these Knowledge checks untrained and cavaliers with ranks in the skill receive a bonus on the check equal to ½ the cavalier level (minimum +1) as long as the check is made to identify occult phenomena.

Order Abilities: An order of the Scar cavalier gains the following abilities at the specified levels.

Overcome the Occult (Ex)

At 2nd level, add the cavalier's Charisma bonus (minimum +1) on all saving throws made against supernatural abilities. At 6th level, the cavalier can roll 2d20 on saving throws against supernatural abilities and use the higher result once per day plus one additional time each day at 10th level and every 4 levels thereafter.

Silence the Occult (Ex)

At 8th level, the cavalier gains Supernatural Slayer as a bonus feat, ignoring the feat's prerequisites. When using this feat, if the cavalier uses an attack of opportunity to strike a binder that is activating a granted ability, the binder must attempt a Will save or the ability fails and cannot be activated for 1 round (DC 10 + 1/2 the cavalier's level + the cavalier's Charisma modifier). If the ability is a major granted ability, it is expended for 5 rounds and cannot be used again until these rounds have passed. The Rapid Recovery feat and similar effects do not reduce the number of rounds that ability is expended for.

Occult Slaying Tactics (Ex)

At 15th level the cavalier is able to adeptly lead allies into battle against the occult. The cavalier's allies (including the cavalier) increase the bonus on attack rolls received for flanking an opponent by +1 if the opponent is bound to a spirit or is occult in nature. Once per day, you can aid your allies in disrupting supernatural abilities by granting them the benefits of the Supernatural Slayer feat for 1 round per cavalier level.