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Drake rider (Cavalier Archetype)

While many cavaliers dream of riding a dragon into battle, drakeriders come to learn that the reality involves far more effort than they had expected. Unlike other cavaliers, drakeriders must train their mounts from hatchlings, fighting and toiling alongside their drakes for years through countless struggles before the proud dragons are willing to accept them as riders. Some are envious of the close connection between dragonriders and dragons, and so attempt to emulate this relationship by raising drake hatchlings. These efforts aren’t always successful, sometimes leaving the would-be drakeriders dead or maimed.

Drake Mount

A drakerider gains a drake companion instead of a mount. She gains cavalier’s charge at 9th level instead of 3rd.

This ability replaces mount, tactician, expert trainer, banner, greater tactician, greater banner, and master tactician and alters cavalier’s charge.

Approved Order: A drakerider can join only an order approved by its mount. Suitable orders include order of the beast, order of the cockatrice, and order of the dragon, as well as other fitting orders at the GM’s discretion.