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Sleeper Agent (Su)

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Prerequisite(s): Alchemist 12

Benefit(s): The alchemist learns how to create a sleeper agent, whom he releases back into its original society none the wiser. The alchemist can create a sleeper agent in a ritual that takes 1 minute; the target must be unconscious for the ritual's duration. At any time during the next year, as long as he is within 1 mile of the sleeper agent, the alchemist can activate the agent's programming.

When the sleeper agent is activated, treat her as if she were the target of a dominate person spell with a caster level equal to the alchemist's level at the time the sleeper agent was created. If the sleeper agent is killed or the dominate person effect's duration expires, the sleeper agent is permanently released from the alchemist's control.

The alchemist can also release any sleeper agent as a free action. The alchemist can have one active sleeper agent for every 6 alchemist levels he possesses.