Not content with merely creating magical elixirs to be imbibed, the spellchymist toils away to perfect the methods and reagents necessary to allow his extracts to take effect at range, emulating the spells of others.

Spell Vials

The spellchymist gains the Alchemy class feature as the standard alchemist with the following exceptions. The spellchymist gains the Infusion discovery (but is not treated as having the Discovery class feature yet), and all extracts they create count as infusions. When the spellchymist prepares his infusions, he may choose to render some or all of his infusions inert and prepare other infusions to replace them.

Instead of imbibing the infusions, the spellchymist can cause the magic in the infusion to spring forth and affect a target of his choice. His infusions have a range of close (25 + 5 per 2 alchemist levels), and are touch attacks. The spellchymist adds his Intelligence modifier in addition to his Dexterity modifier to the ranged touch attack rolls used by these infusions.

The spellchymist uses his alchemist level as his caster level for the purpose of item creation feat prerequisites. This ability replaces the mutagen class feature. The spellchymist may never select the mutagen or cognatogen discoveries, or the improved versions of those discoveries.

Everlasting Infusions

The alchemist learns how to create a number of infusions that are not expended when used. Treat these as 0th level spells, and use the magus’s spells per day table to determine the number of everlasting infusions you may prepare, using your alchemist level as your effective magus level.

You may prepare everlasting infusions from the following list:

Detect magic; guidance; mage hand; message; purify food and drink; resistance; stabilize; and virtue.

This ability replaces the discoveries gained at 6th and 14th level, poison immunity, poison resistance, and poison use.

Eldritch Mimicry (Su)

At 6th level, the spellchymist’s extracts and infusions count as spells for the purposes of meeting magic item requirements when crafting magic items.

This ability replaces swift poisoning.


Spellchymists may take the following discovery:

Burst Infusion (Su): Once per day, the spellchymist can cause all allies adjacent to the target to be affected by the infusion. Choosing to use this discovery is a free action as part of using an infusion. The spellchymist may use this one additional time per day at 16th and 20th level. The spellchymist must be at least level 12 to take this discovery.