Shadowblade (Su)

Benefit(s): As a swift action, the ninja can create a weapon made of solid shadows (this can be any light weapon with which she is proficient). This weapon is treated as magic for purpose of bypassing DR, and has an enhancement bonus to attack and damage equal to +1 for every three full levels of ninja. It has the same hardness and hit points as a normal magic weapon of its type, and dissipates at the end of any round it is not held in the ninja’s hand. A ninja may dissipate the weapon at will. A ninja must have at least 1 ki point left to use this trick.
Designer Note: Ninja and the Shadow Assassin
The shadowblade trick is essentially the same as the shadowblade style available to the shadow assassin class presented in The Genius Guide to the Shadow Assassin. If a GM possesses that book and wishes to make more shadow assassin styles available to ninja, the shadowblade talent should be replaced with the Shadow Style trick.