Fatal Finesse (Ex)

Prerequisite: Weapon Finesse feat

: The ninja's attacks accurately strike for increased damage. The ninja may add her Dexterity modifier (rather than her Strength modifier) to damage dealt with ranged attacks and melee attacks made with weapons that can be used with the Weapon Finesse feat. The ninja adds only half her Dexterity bonus to damage dealt with attacks that would have allowed only half her Strength bonus be added to damage. (Do not multiple the ninja’s Dexterity modifier by 1.5 when adding it to damage dealt by a two-handed weapon.) If the ninja has a Strength penalty, the penalty is still applied to weapon damage when using fatal finesse.

Creatures immune to critical hits and sneak attacks ignore additional damage from the ninja’s Dexterity modifier. The ninja must have at least 1 ki point to use this trick.