Peerless Disguise (Su)

Prerequisites: Master tricks, forgotten trick trick, sudden disguise trick

: The ninja's ability to take on the roles of others is so great, she can call upon a mystic connection to the very idea of her assumed role to perform abilities normally beyond her ken. When the ninja uses the Disguise skill to appear to be a different person, she may select a single character class to emulate as part of that role. The ninja can spend 1 ki point to mimic an extraordinary ability of the selected class. The extraordinary ability must be one available to a character of the selected class of a level no greater than half the ninja’s level.

To successfully use the extraordinary ability, the ninja must make a Disguise check with a DC of 15 + double the minimum class level at which the ability can be acquired. Success allows the ninja to emulate a single use of the ability, as long as it can be performed as a single standard action or less. Though emulating the ability does not take any action of its own, if the emulated extraordinary action takes less than a standard action, the ninja must take at least a standard action to perform it. The ninja’s class level for the emulated ability is equal to half her ninja level.