Feign Death (Ex)

Prerequisites: Master tricks, slow metabolism trick

: The ninja can slow her metabolic rate by such a vast degree she enters a deathlike state. The ninja is treated as being asleep while in this trance, though she may decide to automatically awaken after a set period of time. If the ninja is examined while in this trace, the examiner must make a Heal check (DC 15 + ninja’s level) to realize the ninja is not dead.

While in this trance, the ninja can hold her breath for twenty times as long as normal before needing to make Constitution checks. In addition, whenever the ninja is poisoned, the time between saving throws (the poison’s frequency) is multiplied by 20. Thus, a poison that has a frequency of “1/round for 6 rounds” would instead be “1/20 rounds for 120 rounds.” A ninja must have at least 1 ki point to use this trick.