“I was once a lowly servant of humanity. Since, I have risen to humble servant of the gods.”

The anumi fruit harkens to a time when strange gods ruled the realm. The divine magic used to create the fruit was part of a cherished dedication to these beastly deities. While much of this tradition was lost in the desert sands when this civilization died, many anumi feel drawn to these forgotten times. Those of the pharaoh prestige class have heard this call most of all.

The blood of the primeval gods flows in the pharaoh’s veins. They feel compelled to serve the gods as their ancient ancestors did. Pharaohs follow a faith that has been puzzled together from the artifacts of countless ruins. While much is still shrouded in mystery, they have gleaned great power from what was uncovered. They are the new representation of the old pantheon.

Role: Pharaohs are divine agents who act as leaders on the battlefield. They are more comfortable as supportive directors and dealing damage from afar than they are in close combat.

Alignment: Pharaohs can be of any alignment, though most gravitate towards lawful. While chaotic pharaohs do exist, they make few lasting alliances and are generally less successful as a result.

Hit Die: d8


To qualify to become a pharaoh, a character must fulfill all of the following criteria:

Feats: Leadership.

Races: Anumus.

Skills: Knowledge (religion) 5 ranks, Knowledge (history) 5 ranks.

Spells: Ability to cast 2nd level divine spells.

Class Skills

The pharaoh’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Appraise (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Wis), Knowledge (all skills taken individually) (Int), Linguistics (Int), Perception (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), and Use Magic Device (Cha).

Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier.

Table: Pharaoh

Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special Spells per Day
1st +0 +0 +0 +1 Ancient secret +1 of existing divine spellcasting class
2nd +1 +1 +1 +1 Light of the gods +1 of existing divine spellcasting class
3rd +2 +1 +1 +2 Divine form +1 of existing divine spellcasting class
4th +3 +1 +1 +2 Ancient secret +1 of existing divine spellcasting class
5th +3 +2 +2 +3 Crook and flail +1 of existing divine spellcasting class
6th +4 +2 +2 +3 Flames of judgment +1 of existing divine spellcasting class
7th +5 +2 +2 +4 Ancient secret +1 of existing divine spellcasting class
8th +6 +3 +3 +4 Resplendent range +1 of existing divine spellcasting class
9th +6 +3 +3 +5 Divine decree +1 of existing divine spellcasting class
10th +7 +3 +3 +5 Ancient secret +1 of existing divine spellcasting class

Class Features

The following are class features of the pharaoh prestige class.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Pharaohs gain no proficiency with any weapon or armor.

Spells per Day: When a new pharaoh level is obtained, a pharaoh gains new spells per day as if she had also gained a level in a divine spellcasting class she belonged to before adding the prestige class. She does not, however, gain any other benefit a character of that class would have gained. This means that she adds the level of pharaoh to the level of whatever other divine spellcasting class the character has, then determines spells per day, spells known, and caster level accordingly. If a character had more than one divine spellcasting class before becoming a pharaoh, she must decide to which class she adds the new level for purposes of determining spells per day.

Ancient Secret

At 1st level and every three levels thereafter (4th, 7th, and 10th), the pharaoh chooses one ancient secret from the table below. She can’t choose the same ancient secret twice.

Table: Ancient Secrets

Name Effect
Book of the Dead +4 knowledge bonus on saves against all death spells and magical death effects
Immortal Rites Add the character’s Wisdom bonus to his Constitution score to determine the negative hit point total to which she can survive
Lost Art 4 ranks in a Craft skill in which the character has no ranks
Lost Knowledge 4 ranks in a Knowledge skill in which the character has no ranks
True Name Any one feat that has at least one minimum ability score prerequisite

Light of the Gods (Su)

At 2nd level, once per day, a pharaoh can emit a powerful ray of light from her hands. As a swift action, the pharaoh chooses one target within sight to shine the light upon. If this target is an ally, the target may add the pharaoh’s Wisdom bonus (if any) to her attack rolls and adds the level of the pharaoh to all damage rolls made by the target until the end of the target’s next turn. If the target of Light of the Gods is an enemy, all attacks made against the target gain a bonus equal to the pharaoh’s Wisdom bonus until the end of the pharaoh’s next turn.

Divine Form (Su)

At 3rd level, the pharaoh gains the Manifest Form feat, even if he does not meet the prerequisites. When a pharaoh is in animal form by using this feat, she may reroll a failed saving throw. This power is used as an immediate action after the first save is attempted, but before the results are revealed by the GM. The anumus must take the second result, even if it is worse. This effect ends immediately upon leaving the form of an animal, and does not stack with other abilities that allow a reroll of saves.

Crook and Flail (Su)

At 5th level, once per day, the pharaoh may choose two target creatures within 50 feet of herself as a standard action. Each target must make a Fortitude save with a DC equal to 10 + the pharaoh’s Wisdom Modifier + the level of the pharaoh. An ally may choose to fail the save if desired. If both targets fail their save, they are instantly teleported into each other’s place, effectively switching spots in combat.

Flames of Judgment (Su)

At 6th level, once per day, the pharaoh can use a touch attack to light a target aflame with an ephemeral violet fire, which itself does not give off heat. If the target is an ally of the pharaoh, his successful melee attacks deal an additional amount of fire damage equal to the pharaoh’s Wisdom modifier. If the target is an enemy, he takes fire damage equal to the pharaoh’s Wisdom modifier every time he succeeds at a melee attack. This effect lasts one round per class level of the pharaoh.

Resplendent Range (Su)

At 8th level, whenever you use a ranged attack and score a critical hit against a target with that attack, you deal an additional 2d10 points of electricity damage to that target.

Divine Decree (Sp)

At 9th level, the pharaoh can use mass suggestion once per day as a spell-like ability. The caster level for this ability equals the pharaoh's class level.