Some people know that they are better than the rest. That level of confidence transfers to their ability to fight their foes. A victor is a winner and he goes beyond the normal to prove this. Victors tend to take on more than one foe at a time to prove their self worth. They do not really expect to win every battle but do expect to win every wary. If something they partook in seems to have come out bad they only focus on what good came out of it and push to point out those facts. Victors tend to jump on the chance to fight so they can prove to themselves how good they really are.

Style Feats: Power Attack and Cleave (1st), Great Cleave (2nd), Whirlwind Attack (7th), Weapon Specialization (Iron Fist) (13th). A pugilist can use these feats even if he does not have the normal prerequisites.

Style Maneuvers:

Aura of Greatness (Su): Starting at 5th level a victors self confidence creates an aura that inspires his allies abilities. The victor and all allies within 15 feet gain the benefits of heroism (as the spell).

Overcoming Odds (Su): Starting at 10th level a victor's ability to fight against more than one foe becomes his best ability. Add one point of damage to his melee attacks per foe in his Aura of Greatness.

Conviction (Su): Starting at 16th level a victor's allies benefit from his insight. Treat all allies in his aura as if they have the evasion and stalwart abilities.

Style Mastery:

Barrage (Ex): Starting at 20th level a victor advances in his ability to attack all his foes. A victor can use his Whirlwind Attack feat as a standard action and if he uses it as a full-round action he can make a second attack on all threatened foes.