Some people get the taste for blood and allow it to feed their hate. This is not always a total loss of control, but more of a focused control of anger. A bloodluster uses his hate to give himself focus and strength in battle. Sometimes his hate comes at a price and blinds his actions. The bloodluster is like a shark that gets a taste of his victim, focused and angry, attacking with an intent to destroy. Their focused determination tends to show in the rest of their actions as well. If they start a task they do their best to finish it. It's said that having a bloodluster as a friend might not be the best idea, but it beats having one as an enemy.

Style Feats: Power Attack (1st), Toughness (2nd), Blind-Fight (7th), Strike Back (13th). A pugilist can use these feats even if he does not have the normal prerequisites.

Style Maneuvers:

Hatecasting (Ex): Starting at 5th level the anger a bloodluster feels shows when he draws blood on his foe. After he damages a foe with a melee attack he gains a +2 morale bonus to all other attack rolls, damage, saves, and AC vs. the person he damaged and he in turn gets a -2 to all other foes in combat. This bonus increases to +4 at 10th level, but the -2 from other foes stays the same. In addition at the start of every turn after the bloodluster damages a foe he must make a Will save at DC = 10 + his pugilist level. If he fails his save he must continue to attack that round. If something stops him from attacking for a round he need not make the save to stop.

Seeing Red (Ex): Starting at 10th level his hate is absolute. Treat the bloodluster as if he was under the effects of mind blank and freedom of movement once he damages a foe. This ability stops as soon as he goes a round without attacking a foe.

Assault (Ex): Starting at 16th level the unrelenting chaos of his attacks come in strange bursts. When a bloodluster uses a full attack action he continues until he misses subtracting four from his BAB for each iterative attack after the first. This replaces the normal additional strikes from high BAB.

Style Mastery:

Heated (Su): Starting at 20th level his anger reaches a point that it manifests upon his body. Treat his Iron Fist ability as if it had the flaming burst special ability.