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Hateful Major Ability

You can penetrate the defenses of your spirit's enemies.

Prerequisite(s): Occultist level 5.

Benefit(s): A hateful major granted ability ignores any defenses (including immunities) that its target possesses when the target is listed as a favored enemy of the spirit providing the major granted ability being activated. For example, a mind-affecting granted ability can affect an undead creature if the granted ability's associated spirit lists undead as a favored enemy. In contrast, a spirit's favored allies are immune to this ability. After using this secret, the augmented ability is expended for twice the normal number of rounds (typically 10 rounds for most granted abilities or 8 rounds if you have a special feat or ability).

Special: This is an alteration secret. Only one alteration secret can be applied to a given granted ability at a time.