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Bouncing Major Ability

You can redirect failed granted abilities to a new target.

Prerequisite(s): Occultist level 5.

Benefit(s): You can only alter a major granted ability that targets a single creature into a bouncing major ability. Whenever the bouncing major ability has no effect on its intended target due to a successful saving throw, you may, as a swift action, redirect it to another eligible creature within range. The redirected granted ability behaves in all ways as if its new target were the original target for the granted ability. If the major granted ability affects the initial target in any way (including a lesser effect on a successful save) it may not be redirected in this manner. After bouncing a major granted ability, it is expended for double the usual number of rounds (10 rounds for most abilities, 8 if you have a special feat or ability that reduces the number of rounds it is expended). The expenditure is doubled even if you did not bounce the granted ability.

Special: This is an alteration secret. Only one alteration secret can be applied to a given granted ability at a time.