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Scribe Binder Tattoo

You may scribe tattoos to make binding spirits quicker.

PrerequisitesOccultist level 5.

Benefit: You may scribe a tattoo of a spirit's seal onto your body. The seal is roughly the size of your fist and can be placed anywhere on your body that can receive a tattoo.

Inscribing a tattoo requires 100 gp in special material reagents per level of the spirit mixed with your own blood (1 hp per level of the spirit). After the ritual is completed, the tattoo allows you to bind spirits without needing to create the seal, reducing the time it takes to perform the spirit's ritual to 1 minute; the spirit is instead able to use your tattoo as a vessel. For every 4 occultist levels you possess, you may place an additional tattoo on your body, to a maximum of 5 tattoos at 16th level. 

In addition, with the seal inscribed onto your body, you are also able to make a rushed pact to bind the selected spirit. This allows you to attempt a binding check as a full-round action, but the spirit's binding DC is increased by 10 if you attempt such a feat. 

Removing a tattoo is painful and requires 50 gp per spirit level in rare alchemical components to flush out the inks and one week per spirit level to avoid poisoning your blood with a dramatic intake in chemicals. After the tattoo is removed, you may scribe a new tattoo in its place, if you so choose.

Normal: Binding a spirit requires a 10 minute ritual in order to enact.