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Disguise Granted Abilities

You are adept at hiding your supernatural powers.

PrerequisitesOccultist level 5, Spellcraft 5 ranks.

Benefit: You can take 10 on Bluff checks and Disguise checks made to hide your use of granted abilities and the physical sign of your spirits.

Hiding the Art

Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of pact magic for the majority of binders to master is learning how to hide the signs of their rituals. Below are rules for how pact magic augmented creatures interact with Bluff and Disguise checks. If you do not attempt to hide the origin and signs of your powers, a creature can attempt to identify the source of your powers with a Knowledge (planes) or Knowledge (arcana) check; DC equals 10 + your binder level + your Charisma modifier.

Granted Abilities: You can hide the use of a granted ability with a Bluff check opposed by an onlooker's Sense Motive check. This functions as a Bluff check made to deceive someone with the normal modifiers altering your check.

Physical Sign: You can hide the physical signs of your spirits using a Disguise check opposed by an onlooker's Perception check. This functions as any other Disguise check, but a GM may wish to award onlookers additional bonuses based on the nature of the physical sign. A physical sign that is minor or easily hidden such as a change in skin color or aroma grants an onlooker a +2 bonus. A physical sign that is hard to explain or noticeably strange such as growing a tail or strange lights or sounds grants an onlooker a +4 bonus. A physical sign that is nearly impossible to explain or obviously occult grants an onlooker a +8 bonus.