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Create Pact Poltergeist

You can send spirits into inanimate objects for later use.

PrerequisitesOccultist level 11, Expel Spirit.

Benefit: You perform a ritual that exorcises a spirit bound to you and rebinds it within a nearby inanimate, unattended object. This functions as the animate objects spell, except as noted here. The ritual lasts 10 minutes and requires that you create a seal specifically designed for the task of creating a pact poltergeist. Removing the object from the seal before the ritual is finished ruins it and expels the spirit from your body as if you had used Expel Spirit. Your occultist level determines the maximum size of object that you can animate. Regardless of your binder level, you can only animate one object per use of this ability, as it is not possible to divide a spirit between multiple vessels. 

The spirit fully moves from your soul to the object. You gain none of the spirit's benefits while it is animating an object. You do not gain its granted abilities, its favored allies or enemies, and so forth. You also do not suffer the spirit's physical sign or influence while it is animating an object; these are suppressed while the spirit possesses an object. Instead, the animated object gains access to the spirit's granted abilities, favored enemies and allies, and so forth. It shows the spirit's physical sign and always acts in accordance to its influence; these traits cannot be suppressed. Furthermore, the animated object cannot trade its granted abilities for a vestigial companion. 

The animated object is intelligent and has an Intelligence score equal to 10 + the level of the spirit that animates it. If the object does not have a face, the spirit can create one as if using the magic mouth spell. This face can be manifested or hidden as a move action

The spirit is mostly loyal to you in this state and shares your alignment. Likewise, you can guide the spirit from the inanimate object back into your body by spending 1 minute of meditation in direct contact with the object. If the animated object is destroyed or moves more than 100 feet from you, the spirit returns from whence it came and you cannot contact it for 24 hours (or until the pact would have normally ended, whichever comes first). An object animated by this ability can be exorcised; if it is, use your Will save in place of the animated object's Will save to resist the exorcism.