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Binder Secrets

Occultists spend their lives dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, which includes knowledge of spirits, the spirit realm, and the innermost workings of reality and existence. An occultist's greatest power is not within the seals he draws or the spirits she binds, but in the innumerable secrets amassed in pursuit of knowledge. An occultist may choose to learn a binder secret in place of a regular feat or occultist bonus feat.

Characters without levels in the occultist class cannot learn binder secrets.

Radiance House
Secret Prerequisites Benefits Source
Bouncing Major Ability
Occultist level 5
Alter a major granted ability that targets a single creature so that if it has no effect on its intended target, you may redirect it to another eligible creature within range.Pact Vol. 2
Create Pact Poltergeist Occultist level 11, Expel Spirits You can bind a spirit within a nearby inanimate, unattended object instead of yourself. Pact Vol. 1
Disguise Granted Abilities Occultist level 5, Spellcraft 5 ranks You can take 10 on Bluff checks and Disguise checks made to hide your use of granted abilities and the physical sign of your spirits. Pact Vol. 1
Echoing Major Ability Occultist level 10 When you activate a major granted ability, you can choose for it not to become expended after its use.
Pact Vol. 2
Ectoplasmic Major Ability Occultist level 5 Ectoplasmic major abilities have full effect against incorporeal creatures. Pact Vol. 2
Empower Major Ability Occultist level 5 When you activate a major ability of a bound spirit, you can increase its variable, numeric effects by 50% but then it is expended for double the normal amount of time. Pact Vol. 1
Exorcise Spirit Occultist level 5 As a full-round action, you may attempt to exorcise a spirit from a touched creature. Pact Vol. 1
Extra Aid Undying Aid You can use Undying Aid 4 + Cha (minimum 1) times/day (can be spread across multiple spirits or used to suppress the same spirit multiple times.) Pact Vol. 2
Guardian Spirit - While you sleep, your bound spirit alerts you to the presence of any creature that moves within 20 feet of you. Pact Vol. 2
Hateful Major Ability Occultist level 5 A hateful major granted ability ignores any defenses (including immunities) that its target possesses when the target is listed as a favored enemy of the spirit providing the major granted ability being activated. Pact Vol. 2
Immortality Occultist level 20 You no longer accumulate aging penalties, and any aging penalties you already possess are removed. Aging bonuses still accrue normally. Pact Vol. 1
Intuit Spirit - You are able to use detect pact spirits at will. Your caster level using this spell is equal to your binder level. This is a supernatural ability. Pact Vol. 2
Pact Magic Effigy - You treat your occultist level as your caster level when determining if you qualify for magic item creation feats. Pact Vol. 1
Quicken Major Ability Occultist level 10 You can use a major ability of a spirit you are bound to as a swift action instead of its normal action time. Pact Vol. 1
Sage Lore - Add half of your occultist level (minimum 1) to all Knowledge (arcana) and Knowledge (planes) checks. Pact Vol. 1
Scribe Binder Tattoo - You may scribe a tattoo of a spirit's seal onto your body. Pact Vol. 1
Sustenance - You do not need to eat or sleep while bound to at least one spirit. If your occultist level is 10 or greater, you also do not need to breathe. Pact Vol. 1
Undying Aid - You can suppress 1 spirit you are bound to as an immediate action in order to heal yourself 1d6 dmg + your binder level. Pact Vol. 2
Undying Salvation Undying Aid, occultist 10 1/day, when you would be slain you can immediately expel all spirits you are bound to (as if through Expel Spirits) in order to cast breath of life upon yourself. Pact Vol. 2