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Seal-Etched Occultist (Occultist)

Some occultists dare to ink mystical markings on their flesh. These tattoos of ceremonial seals quickly spread to cover much of the body, giving these mystics an unnerving appearance even without influence of spirits.

Scribe Binder Tattoo

A seal-etched occultist gains Scribe Binder Tattoo as a bonus binder secret at 1st level, ignoring the secret's usual prerequisites, and starts play with the tattooed seal of one 1st-level spirit. In exchange, the character is barred from 3 constellations of his or her choice. Spirits from those constellations will never answer the character's summons.

However, starting at 5th level, any time the seal-etched occultist could select a binder secret, he or she can sacrifice the feat to unbar one constellation.

Seal Augmentation (Su)

At 2nd level, a seal-etched occultist may enhance a single existing seal (one already inked) with a seal augment, which grants one bonus selected from the following list.

The bonus granted by the augment increases by an additional +1 per 5 occultist levels. Apply the benefit whenever the seal-etched occultist is bound to the relevant spirit.

At 6th level and every 4 levels thereafter, the character can apply another augment, either for a new seal or to a previously augmented seal. Seal augments do not stack with each other. It costs double the amount of gold to remove a seal enhanced with an augment, but after you do so, you may apply an augment (up to your maximum) to a different seal.

This ability replaces the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pact augmentations.

Seal Augment Mastery (Su)

At 18th level, the seal-etched occultist always benefits from his or her seal augments, even when not bound to the relevant spirits.

This ability replaces the 5th pact augmentation.