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Occult Scholar

Constantly referenced throughout occult lore, an occult scholar is an individual who devotes themselves to the study of the spirits. They prefer to use their lifetime to learn rather than to benefit, but acquiring this knowledge often requires occult scholars to adventure into the world, allowing the spirits to guide them to the truth.

Class Skills: An occult scholar adds all Knowledge skills as class skills and removes Bluff, Perform, and Profession from the occultist's list of class skills.

Revelation of Scholars (Su)

At 1st level, an occult scholar gains a revelation from the lore mystery. This revelation must be chosen from among those available to a 1st level oracle and the occult scholar gains no other benefits from the lore mystery, such as mystery spells or class skills. Use the occult scholar's binder level in place of an oracle level when calculating the effects of the chosen revelation.

At 6th level and every 4 levels thereafter, the occult scholar gains an additional revelation from the lore mystery, using ½ of the occult scholar's level as the character's oracle level when determining if the occult scholar meets any level prerequisites for a given revelation. In addition, the occult scholar's level stacks with any oracle levels the character possesses when determining the effectiveness of all lore mystery revelations the character possesses.

This ability replaces constellation aspects.

Tunneled Lore

Select 1 constellation. The occult scholar is barred from the selected constellation. An occult scholar cannot seal pacts with spirits that are aligned with the barred constellation and the character's binder level is reduced by half when making binding checks with spirits of constellations that are allied with the barred constellation.